All of the Chinese-learning students participated in our 2nd year Chinese calligraphy writing contest earlier this month. We learnt our writing and drawing techniques using ink and hair pen from a local calligraphy master, Ms. Feng, who visited our school two weeks ago.

As our judge, Ms. Feng was amazed to see the writing pieces (both using hair pen and regular pencil) produced by our all of the students, considering the limited class time spent in practicing. The decision for picking the winners was not easy.

Here are our winners:

First prize: Kathryn Albean (19′ Level 3 Chinese)
Second prize: Polly Johnston (19′ Level 1 Chinese)
Mer Lackey (20′ Level 2 Chinese)
Nathaniel Griffin (19′ Level 3 Chinese)
Holley Nguyen (19′ Level 3 Chinese)
Third prize: Adama Jalloh (18′ Level 1 Chinese)
Lukasz Walendzak (19′ Level 3 Chinese)

Please don’t forget to check out our videos/pictures taken during the demonstration class. Our level one and level two Chinese students really work on their skills!

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