Freshman Parents,

For many years Cathedral has been using a model to measure student success in all facets of their life. This philosophy model is called Developmental Assets. We will again be using this philosophy this year to help us measure the growth of our students and your children. We have also been inviting parents to join in a discussion of this philosophy. Below are several opportunities to attend just one of these one hour long presentations which we promise will help you understand your child as they begin to journey through their high school years.

We will also share with you the Core Values and the Portrait of the Graduate. This information can be very informative and helpful to you as you travel this developmental journey with your child and ties directly with the 360 model.  I strongly encourage you to take sixty minutes out of one day to attend this meeting.

You will meet other parents who share a common goals and values.

You will learn how to help your child and you will have a better understanding of how they will be developing over the next few years.

So please join with the many parents who have attended since 1997. Many have come back and told me that it was most informative and very helpful. Please make your calendar and plan to attend one of the sessions listed below.


Dr. Tom Greer

Developmental Assets Dates and times. All meetings are held in the Baker Bd. Room which is located in the Media Center.


Nov. 2- 7:00 PM

Nov. 8- 7:00 PM