Dear Parents,

As we approach the 2018/2019 academic school year, I would like to be sure that there is a clear understanding of the importance of our service program and the requirements.  

Our Christian Service Program creates a faith-filled, compassionate and more Christ-like heart in our students.  The hours served throughout the students high school career gives them concrete ways to imitate Jesus who serves willingly, unselfishly, and lovingly, even when sacrifice is required.  Not only does service address the needs of others who are less fortunate than us, but is also challenges us to become better sons/daughters of Christ and may even open insights of possible career and/or vocations.  These requirements are not to feel like punishment, however, it is our hope that students will use their God given gifts to respond to different needs in our community and discover a commitment to service they can continue throughout their lives.    

Please carefully review the details and important service information/requirements below:    

Service Hours – Our service hour requirements remain the same, however, all students will have until Monday, April 29th, 2019 to complete all hours required for the 2018 – 2019 school year.

CHS Service Requirements Service Outreach

Total Hours

Class of 2019 25
Class of 2020 20
Class of 2021 15
Class of 2022 10

Applications – All students must submit their service applications by Friday, September 29th, 2018 with the one agency they plan to serve this year.  We no longer have paper applications, however, applications are now an electronic google document (a link to this document has been emailed to students).  Please note that students must be logged into their Cathedral email to submit this application.

Recording Hours – Time sheets have gone paperless!  Cathedral is now using an app called MobileServe that will track your students service hours.  All students have received an email with an invitation and instructions to download the app on their phone at no cost to families.  This app will allow us to be more aware of the students who are behind in getting their service completed.

Oral Reflections – Students will continue to participate in oral reflections in their Theology classes at the end of each school year.

Grading – Students will now receive a percentage grade on their report card, opposed to a letter grade.

  • Students who complete all hours will obtain a 100% as their service grade
  • Student’s percentage will also reflect if a student goes above and beyond their required hours.  For example if a student needed 20 hours and turned in 40 hours, they would receive a 200%
  • Students who have not completed their hours will receive a 0%
  • Students who complete all hours, but fail to meet the deadline, will still receive credit for their work, however, they will receive a deduction of up to 25%

Past Due Service Requirements – If your student has Christian Service requirements that have not been completed from previous years, they are highly encouraged to complete these hours this summer!

Being that the successful completion of the Christian Service Program is a graduation requirement, it is expected that all students remain current on their yearly service requirements.  Students who have not met their required service hours by the start of the new school year will be placed on probation. This probation will be formalized by a family meeting with a Campus Ministry team member by the end of the first quarter of the 2018/2019 of school year.  During this meeting, the student will receive a service contract requiring that service hours be fully completed by the end of the first semester. Campus Ministry will equip both the student and parents with many opportunities to ensure service hours are able to completed.  If a student does not meet the expectations of their service contract by the end of the first semester, the student will be asked to withdrawal from Cathedral and will not be permitted to return second semester.

Graduation Requirements – Students must complete all four years of their Christian Service hours in order to receive their diploma.  While students will be able to walk during graduation, their diploma will be withheld until all service hours are turned into Shannon Fox.  

Parents Ability to Monitor Service Hours – Powerschool is a great tool for parents who would like to check on the status of your child’s service hours.  Once each student completes his/her hours, they will be entered into Powerschool.

Also, all students will have a detailed report of their service hours once they download the MobileServe app.  Parents are encouraged to check this app on their child’s phone on a regular basis. A letter will be sent before the start of the school year to all students who are not current on their required service hours.

I thank you for your continued support of our service initiatives. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dave Worland or Shannon Fox.