Congratulations to the following recipients of the Holy Cross Blessed Father Basil Moreau Award and the Saint Brother André Bessette Award. These students were selected either because of their academic excellence and fusion of heart and mind or because of their service and dedication to others. Basil Moreau, founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, articulated the Holy Cross values we are strongly committed to today. He envisioned a Catholic education for the whole child – mind, body, and heart. He also believed that through education, students would be prepared for better days to come. Congratulations, award winners! You are helping make our world better today and for the years to come.


9- Ana “Yinny” Lim

9- Ana ArceRamirez

10- Alise Chavis

10- Nic Napier

11- Jack Hutchens

11- Kiernan McCormick

12- Sam Witchger

12- Katherine Urasky



9- Toby Bradshaw

9- Reid Brenton

10- Max Beatty

10- Andi Manship

11- Connor, Jenna, Lauren Helmen

11- Nora Boyle

12- Elizabeth O’Connell

12- Robert Wood