Dear parents,

Below is a list of priest who graciously gave their time at our reconciliation last week.  If you know any of these priest personally, or they serve as pastor at your church, please help us in thanking them for their service to our students.  These priest are a true gift to our school and students, and we certainly want them to know how much we appreciate them.

Father Phil Bowers
Father Kyle Rodden
Father Pat Beidelman
Father Jeff Godecker
Father John Nguyen
Father Pat Doyle
Father Tony Rowland
Father Robert Gilday
Father Martin Rodriguez
Father George Plaster
Father Juan Jose Valdes
Father Bob Sims
Father Nick Dant
Father Denis O’Keefe
Father Travis Stephens
Father Dan Gartland
Father Michael Hoyt
Father David Nyar
Father Tom Schliessmann
Father Todd Riebe
Father Glen O’Connor
Father George Nangachiveetti